Research & Development

We apply the experience we’ve gained and our advanced technologies, in the pursuit of even greater added value.

At Jasch India, we have fostered unique technologies from the development of materials and design to the production of a wide range of cover materials, sheets and films. The sum of this experience allows us to realize quick response times and flexible handling of the needs of the marketplace. We add our advanced technologies to the knowledge we’ve accumulated, and are actively involved in product development.


    1. Tensile testing machine -Instron 3365
    2. Taber abrasion-taber 5135 USA
    3. Bally flexing-prolific
    4. Hydrolysis testing for polyurethane

R & D

    1. Lab Coater for PVC Coating
    2. Continues lab coating machine for dry process PU
    3. Lab printing machines
    4. Lab polyurethane resin reactor

Quality Assurance